What Countries have Best Air Force in the World

List of top 10 countries with best air force in the world 2016 ranking

When it comes to the defense system of a nation, the Air Force represents the air power of a country since it has become the most essential and integral part of the national defense system for the country. It is much important for a nation that wants to be known as a great power for its defense system. Today, nearly all the countries in the world want to have the well-equipped airspace, famed Air defense system with capable pilots that have the ability to strike and attack the targeted place. Furthermore, these pilots are also trained to fight and face various war challenges or emergency disasters. The weakness of air defense system turned apparent during the Gulf war when with the air power Iraq was quickly defeated. However, it is not a bit essential in this modern and advanced age. Today,  the air defense system of a country additionally acts on humane grounds, so it is also a significant source to command a nation’s leadership over another. Did you know What Countries have the Best Air Force in the World today? Scroll through the list and see the most recent ranking list of top 10 countries with the best air force in the world.

List of Top 10 Countries with the Best Air Force in the World 2016 Ranking

10. Japan

Japan Air force

Japan stands among the quickly growing and technologically advanced countries in the world. It has a great defense system including the Japan air defense force that is reported to fight efficiently in the world war 2. Its radar system along with the air petrol claim to be one of the most effective systems in the world making it hold the tenth spot in our ranking. Moreover,  It is additionally famous for its assaulter wings all over the world. Japanese air-force is highly trained and competent to defend its areas that’s why held the tenth spot in our ranking. A recent report has revealed that Japan is quickly improving its technology with more advanced fighting equipment.


Australian air force

Getting the 9th spot in our ranking , the RAAF (Royal Australian Air force) was established on March 31st, 1921 that is, however, relatively small as compared to other countries yet because of its smallness no one can measure its power. It holds one of the dangerous and destructive fighting planes. Since its formation, the RAAF competed in several fights during the last few decades efficiently.It has also been praised for applying the kinetic outcomes.

8. Germany

German Air-Defense System

Known as Luftwaffe, the German Air-force (GAF) was formed in 1935 after breaking the Versailles agreement. During the WW2, GAF defeated and destroyed enemy’s fighting planes hence proving its supremacy. It also owns globally famous pilots that are trained in the United States or Canada.

7. Pakistan

Pakistan air -power

Being one of the most powerful air force owning countries in the world, Pakistan also formed its great force identified as Pakistan Air Force (PAF), which holds the seventh rank in our catalog. After its origin, Pakistan has revealed various fights of the areas especially with neighboring India, so It constantly improved its defense just to have the balance of PAF power in the countryside and to face warnings from the enemy countries. It owns a good quantity of Chinese Chengdu J-7 fighter air crafts together with f-16 fighting falcons. Moreover, Pakistan also has the Mirage 5, Mirage 3, and French fighter aircraft.

6. France



Established in 1909, the French air force is simply known as Arm’ee de’l air that is globally famous as one of the most professional air-defense systems around the world. It has enormous technological advancements and intense tricky methodology, making it an exceptional country from others. France holds an impressive standing in the strategic air-defense system.It is also the originator of Mirage jet air fighters that is supposed to be the most prestigious planes on the planet.

5 . China

PLAAF the people’s Liberation Army Air Force

Simply known as PLAAF the people’s Liberation Army Air Force of China stands on the third spot on the list with more than 1,500 warfare planes. The main labor force is going to work on 2,500 air-crafts.The Chinese highly proficient planes are Xian H-6 and Shenyang J-11 having the ability to carry 20,000 free fall bombs. Hence, the Chinese Air-force is undoubtedly one of the most powerful air defense forces in the world and is suspected of growing further itself in the coming few years. PLAAFO also claims to be one of the Best air-forces in Asia continent.

4. India

Indian Fighting aeroplanes

Established in 1932, the Indian air-force is a massive air-force having an enormous personnel being hired in its care-taking operations. India has also gained the capacity to build its air crafts certified by Russia producing hundreds of Sukhoi- MK-30 fighter air-crafts. It has instantly grown huge and extensive air defense strategic weaponry that is famous for their great target shooting and particular shelling and armament filled air-crafts. It has around 1,080 fighting air-crafts making India the fourth country with the strongest air-force in 2016 ranking.

3. United Kingdom

Royal Air Force

The British air-defense system is thought to be the earliest air-force on the planet as being the member of traditional decision-making of a broad range of countries in the world. The British Air-Force is famous for its strategic bombardment.This force came into existence during the 1st world war on 1st April 1918 when the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval force Unified.

2. Russia

Russian Air Force

Russia claims to be the greatest nuclear power since it is the country with most nuclear weapons in the world. Getting the second spot in our ranking, the Russian Air Force was established after the disintegration of Soviet Union in 1991-1922. Later on, the Russian air-force was split with 1,900 fighting air crafts. Today,  still Russia is constantly enhancing its defense system by designing a lot of dangerous combat planes.The Mikoyan MIG-31 ‘foxhound’ is an unusual and terribly fit plane with the greatest capacities.So, the Russian air-force can deal with whatever emergency on the planet. Therefore, due to powerful military air-defense plans, high-speed war planes.

1. United States of America

U.S Fighting aeroplanes

Getting the first spot in our ranking, the United States of America is a very famous and powerful country in the world. It is the second most powerful country regarding the nuclear weapons. Besides, it also claims to be one of the richest and advanced countries in the world. The U.S Air-force was established on September 11, 1947. With the tremendous technological improvements, it is not surprising for America to have the best air force in the world. America claims to hold the biggest military practice all over the world. The United States claims to possess the highest number of military fighting planes in the world.It has nearly 3318 warfare planes. The F-16 planes of USAF  reach to be in the 4th spot in the world ranking list. Furthermore, the USAF holds hundreds of F-15 strike eagles have the ability to target energetic and faster than an eagle.The aircraft known as Lock-heed AC 130 is America’s sole discovery. This plane is safe and equipped with countless weapons and can destroy any aircraft in the world with the blink of an eye.