What Countries Have Virtually Free College Tuition

Quality and FREE education is the dream of every student living in any part of this world. The huge expenses of the higher education in the USA have many promised college students staring whether going to college is worth the cost. While traditional knowledge still leads to the advantages of earning a college degree, further students and their families are looking for the alternatives to reduce their college tuition cost. A lot of American students even think to go abroad, as some of the countries are offering free college education to international students and programs are also taught in the English language. Did you know what countries have virtually free college tuition? In this article, we’ve listed the 6 Countries that are providing virtually free college education.

What Countries Have Virtually Free College Tuition

What Countries Have Virtually Free College Tuition ? List of 6 Countries With the Virtually Free College Education

Rank Country Capital
1. Norway Oslo
2. Finland Helsinki
3. Sweden Stockholm
4. Germany Berlin
5. Slovenia Ljubljana
6. France Paris

6. France

Free college education in france

France is a country positioned in the Western Europe. It circles alpine villages, medieval cities, and Mediterranean beaches. It is one of the most famous countries that are offering free college education in the world. In the earlier time, students were demanded to speak French just to attend university in France. But now, it is no longer the case. Though, as many study disciplines at both Private and public universities are offered in English. Today, students who attend public institutes usually spend some hundred dollars as an annual fee, varying on the degree level and study program. Over the years, France has changed its free tuition relief, and some EU pupils spend tuition as per their family income. Before-Mentioned modifications may finally reshape how much international students pay for attending the French universities.

5. Slovenia

slovenia free universities

Slovenia is another country offering virtually free college education and holds the fifth spot in our ranking. The cultural activities, vicinity to tourist attractions in Croatia & Italy, together with the free university education are making Slovenia an ideal country for the students who want to get their degree from an international school. Same as Germany, Slovenian institutes offer numerous programs in English, so students are not required to get the education in the local language. However, they only need to understand the language in order to interact with the local students.

4. Germany

free german universities

Germany welcomes the skilled professionals, and this fact constitutes a win-win state for the American students. All students registered in any of the German public universities can join for free. Furthermore, German universities are offering a broad range of programs entirely in English. That is why an American student can quickly pursue a degree in Germany without learning the German language. The top-rated educational bodies such as the University of Bonn and the University of Munich indicate that U.S. students don’t need to trade influence for tuition expenses.

3. Sweden

tuition free universities in sweden

Students only getting a doctoral degree in a research-based program enjoy the free college tuition in a wide range of Swedish institutes. Some study programs are even paying wages to the international students. Although, students should be informed that Sweden’s higher living expenses may put them above budget, even when they spend nothing to get their degree.

2. Finland

Tuition Free colleges and universities in Finland

Up till now, international and the local students gave zero tuition at state universities. Though, from the start of 2017, foreign students who have the aim to get degrees in English will be required to pay around $1,650 or more every year, varying on the degree level and study discipline. Doctoral students, as well as the students who are getting the education in Finnish or Swedish, are still paying NO tuition. The Finnish government is also planning to provide different kinds of scholarships and financial aid programs to international students with excellent educational backgrounds.


Free education in Norway

Norway is widely famous as one of the richest and happiest countries. It has a robust economy. Norway pays the considerable attention towards its education sector. Thus, it holds the first spot in the ranking list of countries with the free college education. Students ready to face cold winters and one of the huge living expenses on the planet might think to get degrees in Norway. The college education is entirely free at the public universities, providing students with an opportunity to get degrees at top-rated institutes including the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Oslo and the University of Bergen.

Beyond the European Countries

Europe is still known as a highly sought-after destination for students looking for refuge from highly expensive U.S. College and Universities, though public universities in countries such as Brazil and Mexico also have virtually free college; students spend registration fees, which is mostly a tiny amount when it comes to the exchange rates. A few universities are offering top rated and highly demanded study programs in the English language. Getting a degree south of the border also makes it accessible for the students to study highly sought-after languages of commerce, such as Portuguese and Spanish.

American students also have an opportunity to attend university in China and pay nearly $3,000 per year that is much affordable contrary to the U.S. tuition expenses. The outstanding educational opportunities in China, though, are kept for students with the ability to get the education in the Chinese language.

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