What Countries are Slavic Today

Did you Know What countries are Slavic today? In this article, we have listed the ten nations which are officially recognized as Slavic states. However, before proceeding let us briefly explain the meaning for Word “Slavic” to make it easily understandable. However, if you already know it, go ahead and check out the list of 13 Slavic countries. Slavic is typically referred to an umbrella term that encompasses numerous further cultures, ethnicities, and languages. Slavic nations, though, are usually determined by their languages. Slavic-speaking societies include more than half of European territory. Many the nations that are thought Slavs nowadays were a portion of the ancient Soviet Union.

Despite specified by a standard word representing their culture and language, not all Slavs are associated. In reality, numerous deep-rooted conflicts among ethnic Slavs have kindled wars causing separation of different states. For example, the old Yugoslavia is now multiple dissimilar countries coming years of ethnic and racial fight.

The religious association defines the Slavic languages themselves. Traditionally Orthodox nations apply the Cyrillic alphabet. However, the countries with predominantly Roman Catholic occupants use Romance languages or Latin. Usually, the western Slavic countries tend to be more Catholic, though Eastern Slavic nations belong mostly to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Furthermore, the commonly accepted Slavic countries, a lot of people associated with Slavs heritage have built notable cultures within non-Slavs countries, especially following the disbanding of the Soviet Union and the defeat of communism.


List of 13 Countries That Are Officially Recognized as Slavic Countries

Rank Country Capital
1. Czech Republic Prague
2. Bosnia Sarajevo
3. Serbia Belgrade
4. Poland Warsaw
5. Slovakia Bratislava
6. Belarus Minsk
7. Russia Moscow
8. Bulgaria Sofia
9. Croatia Zagreb
10. Macedonia Skopje
11. Ukraine Kiev
12. Slovenia Ljubljana
13. Montenegro Podgorica


Conclusion :

All of the listed countries are that part of Europe except Russia that is an Asian country. It is considered world’s largest country by its area size. It covers 17,075,200 square kilometer area excluding Crimea. Furthermore, it is also known as the country with most nuclear weapons in the world. So it stands among the most powerful countries on the planet. As per a recent report, Russia is also known as one of the richest countries in the world.

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