Trump Signs Decrees – and is Rolled Over for Them

Trump Signs Decrees - and is Rolled Over for Them

These are the Best Memes

As a recently elected U.S President, it is not easy. Since one settles quickly utilizing an urgent resolution of his election promises, signed documents and keeps these to the proof of the work done in the camera – and then one is shipped for it.

“Donald Trump shows great things” is probably the funniest Meme trend ever since its inauguration.

The photomontages and GIFs can be found on all networks and photo pages, from Facebook to Tumblr, Reddit and Imgur. The favourite motif: Trump shows childlike self-painted, portraits with big hands, testimonies – or his Pokémon cards.

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Here is a selection of the funniest motifs:

trump-s-maler trump-send-nudes trump-meme1 trump-meme 2 Trump Draws Donald Trump Funny Pictures  Trump Signs Decrees - and is Rolled Over for Them

Apparently, with some political determinations, we are countering. And particularly somebody like Trump, who typically raises on Twitter before his 23 million fans, is likely to be used to the trouble.

The politician can also be lucky with the caprices of the Internet, shows the (GOD) Chancellor candidate of the SPD, Martin Schulz.

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