The Current reports are showing a significant criticism of the U.S ENTRY BAN that is quickly growing even from the Republican party. Thus, Donald Trump has supported the controversial decree, spoken of his compassion – and later handed out. Did you know what Countries Did Trump Ban?  Here is the list of 7 Muslim Countries banned by Donald Trump from travel.

The U.S President Donald Trump has supported his ban on the entry of refugees and citizens from seven Muslim countries. As per a recent report, Trump emphasised that the United States is a proud nation of the immigrants, “and we will continue to show kindness for those who are fleeing oppression, but we will at the same time protect our own citizens and borders.”

“To make it clear, this is not a Muslim spell, as the media reports it wrong. It is not about religion – it’s about terror and about protecting our nation,” says Trump. There are around 40 Muslim countries in the world that are not affected by its directive.

Trump pointed out that his predecessor, Barack Obama, denied allowing visas to the refugees coming from IRAQ for the six months in 2011 and hence took the same decision. The Obama administration had previously identified the majority Muslim states mentioned in its directive as sources of terrorism.

The USA would again issue visas to all countries if new “safest” measures were launched over the coming 90 days. “I have a great compassion for the people affected by this terrible humanitarian crisis in Syria,” Trump said, “My foremost priority will always be to defend and serve our country, but as a President, I will try to find further ways to help all those who suffer. ”

List of 7 Muslim Countries Banned by Donald Trump

Trump Shares with Senators

Just, thereafter, he defended Twitter’s criticism of the long-serving senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham – and took drastic words for it. The joint statement of the two former presidential candidates is wrong, “they are pathetically weak” on the issue of immigration. McCain and Graham should consume their powers on the “Islamic State” (IS), illegal immigration and border security, rather than always trying to start the third world war.

Graham and McCain had before said, “Our central allies in the fight against the IS is the huge majority of Muslims who deny its apocalyptic hate ideology. We fear that the administrative structure will increase the recruitment of terrorists rather than enhance our security.” Hence, the decree was ” a shot in the knee” in the struggle against terror.

Chuck Schumer, Democratic Party leader of the U.S Senate, had also required Trump to lift the ban on entry immediately. With his decree, Trump had made the US “inhumane, unstable and un-American”. “The order denies everything we stand for.”

If the president does not want to, he will bring a law into the Senate to turn the entrance stop, Schumer stated. However, the Democrats require the help of various Republican senators to carry out the project. There are currently 46 Democrats and two independent senators sitting close to the Democrats in the Senate. The Republicans have a lead of 52 seats.

Government Cites Introduction “Great Success Story.”

In several US cities on Sunday again showed thousands of people against the entry ban. In New York, many thousand demonstrators rallied in the Battery Park at Manhattan’s southern tip, from what the Statue of Liberty can be seen. Thousands of other demonstrated in front of the White House in Washington and Boston. In other cities and at several airports in the countryside, activists called for the protest.

List of 7 Muslim Countries That Are banned by Donald Trump to Travel

Sr. No. Country Capital
1. Iran Tehran
2. Iraq Baghdad
3. Libya Tripoli
4. Somalia Mogadishu
5. Syria Damascus
6. Sudan Khartoum
7. Yemen Sana’a

Trump had directed by Friday that citizens of the seven majority Muslim countries of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen should not be allowed visas for 90 days. Refugees around the world were restricted to enter the country for 120 days, while Syrian refugees were given an indefinite time. In the course of time, Trump desires to elaborate new, more rigorous review mechanisms to keep “radical Islamic terrorists” from the US.

A government employee called the initiation of the entry ban a “great success story”. The three orders would remain in practice and would be enforced by all responsible authorities, according to the employee. “Nothing has improved,” he said, pointing to the decision of a federal judge, after which visitors from the countries affected by the ban were not allowed to be deported to their countries of origin since Friday in the United States.