Trump Wants to Help Mexico Fight Against Drug Cartels

“They have some Bad Hombres with whom you may need help”: Recently appointed U.S President Donald Trump is said to have allowed his Mexican colleague to take military action against drug cartels.

Trump Wants to Help Mexico Fight Against Drug Cartels.

Trump Wants to Help Mexico Fight Against Drug Cartels

The U.S President Donald Trump has ordered to the Mexican government to report allegedly aid in the fight against drug cartels. “They have some Bad Hombres in Mexico with whom you might need help,” said Trump, as per a recent report by the CNN radio station, in a telephone call with Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto. Already in the election campaign, the Republican Mexico had accused globally, from there came many “Bad Hombres”, in German, for example, hard-hitting men or criminals.

“We are ready to help in a big way, but they have to be put out of action, and you have not done well,” Trump is quoted. CNN referred to a protocol of the conversation last Friday.

The Mexican government spokesman Eduardo Sánchez denied that Trump had threatened to send U.S troops to Mexico to stop the cartels. Both presidents had expressed differences in various topics, Sánchez twittered.

Ivanka Trump accompanies her father to mourning for US soldiers

A 36-year-old US Navy Seal was killed on Sunday during a commando operation in Yemen. At the same time, the U.S President Donald Trump, accompanied by his daughter Ivanka, also appeared unannounced on his mourning ceremony at the Air Force base in Delaware. The Navy Seal was the first US soldier to be killed in Trumps.

In the attack on a terrorist organization “Al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula” (AQAP), 14 terrorists and several civilians were killed. On-site medical staff spoke of 30 deaths, including ten women and children.

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